six 3" shamrocks with two bags of green flood icing and one bag of white piping icing for details/lettering, sprinkles

DIY kit

  • six 3" shamrocks with two bags of green flood icing and one bag of yellow piping icing for details/lettering, bag of sprinkles

  • 1. Store at room temperature. 

    2. Gently knead icing bags to mix back together for a minute or two. Any separation is normal.

    3. Using sharp scissors cut holes in the tip of your icing bags. Start small! You can enlarge it if needed. 

    4. Decorate your cookies. The green bags are a flood consistency for a basecoat. The white icing is thicker, perfect for details or lettering.

    5. Enjoy! Allow them to dry uncovered for 8-12 hours  before stacking.

    Store your cookies in an airtight container for up to a week.