Please note, we are no longer offering bulk packaging. There is too much risk of damage to the details, and, after all the time and attention each cookie is given, each of those cookies should receive the same special attention when packaging. Each cookie will come to you in a heat-sealed cellophane bag. Cookies are fragile! Please take great care in handling your cookies during transport and set up at your event. Thank you!

❋ For heat-sealing and the addition of a beautiful satin or grosgrain ribbon to give as cookie favors: please add $6.50 per dozen.

❋ GIFT BOXES: Cookies are each individually heat-sealed in cellophane bags packaged in a box (with glossy window), crinkle paper and/or tissue paper, tied with a grosgrain or satin ribbon in a coordinating color). Please inquire about pricing as box size depends on order size. 

❋ INDIVIDUAL FAVOR BOXES ARE AVAILABLE. A lovely presentation for special cookies! Please contact me for details.

Pricing and Packaging: 
These custom sugar cookies are hand-crafted, baked to order with very high quality ingredients. A great deal of time, skill, and effort goes into making sure each and every cookie created for you is as tasty and as beautiful as it can be. The process takes at least several days from start to finish, from sketching to packaging. We take great pride in the details we take during each and every step.


***As creating more cookies leads to more ingredients and more time, I am unable to offer discounts. Thank you very much for your understanding! 


​​Please keep in mind I cannot reserve any dates on the cookie calendar until we confirm the details and a non-refundable deposit/date retainer of at least 50% has been made. For orders under $100, full payment is required to reserve a date.


GENERAL PRICING GUIDE (based on simple designs, one or two colors. Pricing subject to change):
Small cookies (approx. 2") start at $3 each.
Standard cookies (approx. 3"-3.5") start at $4 each. 
Extra large cookies (approx. 4"-5"+) start at $5 & $6 each. 
Please note: 
✽ All cookies come individually heat-sealed in cellophane bags for freshness and added protection of handpiped details.  

✽ Pricing on all custom orders depends on cookie size, level of detail, number of designs, color/consistencies, gold/silver detailing, airbrushing, handpainting, and additional packaging (gift boxes or satin or organza ribbon on bags, for example.)  

✽Cookies are fragile. Please handle them with great care during transport and set up at your event. If you are shipping cookies as a gift, please inquire about packaging recommendations.
✽ The sizes given are for general reference only as cutter shapes vary greatly.

✽ Pricing subject to change.

✽ Please contact me for a quote. THANK YOU!



Milford, MI

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