Milford, MI

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Midway through 2018, we decided to try something new. We had so many customers telling us how much they enjoy eating our cookies and asking if we ever sell our

cookies "just because."  

We listened, and we now offer "Sugar Happy Stacks."

These are 1/2 dozen cookie packs, perfect for those who just want to eat our delicious cookies without needing a special occasion. These rounds are slightly smaller than our standard size, and are simply iced in one color (color varies.) No special details, just fresh, tasty vanilla bean sugar cookies for you and your family to enjoy. 

Each cookie is individually heat-sealed so they can be frozen and enjoyed at a later date...if there are any left. These will be posted as a flash sale from time to time on our Facebook page and our Instagram stories. Be sure to follow us and turn notifications to "on" so you can see our posts.

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